Frequently Asked Questions

What running time is being considered a documentary feature film?

We consider films that have a running time of 45 minutes or longer a feature length documentary film.

Do you accept experimental documentaries and nonfiction new media projects?

Yes. As long as the topic is still nonfiction, we accept experimental projects.

What is considered a nonfiction new media project?

Eligible projects in this category might be a short video for a gallery installation, or a web series, a collection of short videos, or even a video blog series. As long as the topic is nonfiction and not narrative fiction. If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask. 

Does my project have to be about the disability community and/or experience?

No. Your project can be about the disability experience, however it is not required.

Do you fund documentary TV series?

No. However, we will fund an episode if it fits within our feature length criteria, and can be considered a stand alone documentary film.

How do you define being a person living with a disability?

We understand that not all disabilities are seen and the spectrum is diverse. We accept creators living with disabilities seen or unseen. If you identify yourself as being a person living with a disability you are welcomed to apply.

I don’t have a disability, but another lead creative team member does. Can we still apply for a grant?

Yes. As long as another lead creative (defined as being a person with strong creative control over the project i.e. director, co-director, & producer) identifies as being BIPOC and a person living with a disability, your team is eligible to apply.

Nobody on my team has a disability or is a person of color. Can we apply?

Yes, however it should be noted that funding is prioritized for diverse teams that have lead creatives that identify as being BIPOC and a person living with a disability. 

My project wasn’t selected for a grant, can I reapply with the same project?

Yes, you are welcome to reapply with the same project, if it wasn’t selected. However, we highly encourage you to edit your submission and show us what’s different from when you first applied. What changes have you made? How has the story/project developed further?

My project was selected for a grant, but I am not done yet with my film and need more funds. Can I reapply with the same project?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that if your film has significantly changed from what you originally proposed, then you may reapply with the same project. Significant changes are defined as a serious restructuring of story, the development of new themes, and different stylistic approach.

I have been a recipient of an AXS Film Fund grant in the past. I have a new project and want to apply to the AXS Film Fund with it. Am I eligible?

Yes. If you are applying with a new project you are welcome to apply, even if you are a past AXS Film Fund recipient.

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