Our mission and values

Our Mission

AXS Film fund strives to support independent documentary filmmakers and nonfiction new media creators of color with disabilities in their endeavors to tell stories, make films, and create content.

Our Values

We highly value accessibility and inclusivity for all. Filmmakers of color have fought hard to win equality and move beyond the racial barriers of a historically white industry. Meanwhile, people of color with disabilities are rarely seen in media and film. The majority of the time, they are not even in control of the creation of projects or tools, thus eliminating the voices of an entire community. Navigation of society is a multilayered experience made up of not only your own perceptions, but also the diverse perceptions of others around you. In terms of visibility and priority, people of color with disabilities have lagged behind other minority groups for far too long. It is time to defeat the negative stereotypes and portrayals of disability. It is time to raise and support people of color with disabilities on their journeys to becoming filmmakers and creators.

Our Goals

The AXS Film Fund Seeks to:

history and inspiration

AXS Film Fund was founded to support documentary filmmakers and non-fiction new media creators of color with disabilities. 2020 very clearly brought about the need for compassion and serious change. Between violence targeted at people of color, a fearful divided nation, and the global pandemic, it is more important now than ever to raise and support a body of more culturally diverse voices.


While working with different supporters throughout the industry, the fund was born. We built and are continuing to build a list of ardent supporters to provide resources and funding to invigorate the fund. Many were quick to jump aboard as they too saw the pressing need for the raising of a community of people who are too often left behind.